Monday, August 24, 2009

My Day As A Spy…

My Day As A Spy.......

While in Disney World August 3, 2009, my family had the opportunity to become “REAL” Secret Agents with Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure! Whether you are 5 or 105, this is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Stationed around Epcot’s World Showcase are several Kim Possible Kiosks where families, like mine, begin their secret agent adventures.
We began in Future World at Innoventions. A Disney Cast Member showed us to a computer where we swiped our park ticket and entered the number of people working together on our secret agent adventure. We received a ticket that gave us a time and location to begin our first mission. We arrived at our KP Kiosk location and the family shared one “Kimmunicator” and worked together as a team.
The cast member that walked the family through use of the “Kimmunicator” was AMAZING! He informed us that there are spies around and we should be careful throughout our mission. He also gave the children a signal when to pass the “Kimmunicator” to the next person in our group… Every time you hear the Kim Possible music, pass it to the next person.

The “Kimmunicator”, a cell phone, is easy to use and has a “back” and “help” button should you need assistance.

It was now time to begin our first mission! We stepped away from the kiosk to receive our mission details… We were off to Mexico! It was so exciting to receive clues and find the locations. Each clue gave us a picture of our next location with directions. Once we arrived at our destination, we would send a “signal” with our “Kimmunicator” and something nearby would interact with us. Maps were revealed on walls, piñatas revealed clues and we disarmed a rocket that shot out of the volcano inside Mexico!

The children were THRILLED with each step of the mission and amazed at how display cases and sights we see everyday at Epcot interacted with our mission.

We were VERY careful to be stealth and not let spies around us know what we were doing! Upon completion of the mission, we were given the option to choose another mission in a different country or we could drop off the “Kimmunicator” in a secret drop box located near the country of our mission.

We completed three missions before we returned our “Kimmunicator” (about 1 ½ hours) and exited the World Showcase. We plan on spending more time on our next trip to Disney World at the World Showcase to allow more missions!

On your next Disney World vacation, plan on at least two missions with your family which take about 30 minutes to complete. Each adventure is unique and exciting. Don’t we all have the desire to be REAL Secret Agents? Don’t miss this family spy adventure!!!

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  1. We went on 4 missions over 2 days and had a blast! This has to be the best FREE thing to do at Disney!


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