Saturday, November 28, 2009


by Laura Mims

Spectromagic is a beautiful semi-nightly parade in Disney’s Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. Focusing on the night aspect, the parade uses over 1 million points of fiber optic light to create a magnificent magical display. Don’t miss Chernabog fanning out his wings from The Night on Bald Mountain Fantasia sequence and also the most powerful villain in The Kingdom Keepers series.
There are also beautiful butterflies and even Scorer Mickey all lit up in hundreds of thousands of sparkling lights!
Watch for the lights to transform from multicolor to beautiful pristine white with the flick of Practical Pig’s paintbrush from one of Disney’s Silly Symphony episodes. Many other traditional characters also join Mickey at the end of the parade. The music score is written by John Debney and you will be humming it as you leave the park that night.

When looking for a place to view the parade, my favorite area is Main Street. Depending on how busy the park is, find a spot on the sidewalk 1-2 hours before the parade starts to get prime seating. While waiting, you can enjoy the Main Street atmosphere. One of my favorite spots is to sit in front of the confectionary store while waiting and smell the sweet sugary scent of cookies and candy while enjoying Main Street music. You can even make friends with other guests waiting with you! The second best spot, and generally less crowded is to find a place in Frontierland or Liberty Square. Sometimes, during busier periods, there is a second showing, which will usually be less crowded. Check your park guide map for parade times.

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