Thursday, December 31, 2009

Disney College of Knowledge agents are great for you!!!

by Leslie Campbell

When shopping for a travel agent, especially if you are not an experienced Disney vacationer; most people look for an agent who knows the answers to most, if not all, of their questions upon their initial chat with an agent. Before I took the Disney College of Knowledge courses and then attended the on site training that expanded on the on line courses, I only thought I knew a lot about Disney. Only after taking the Disney College of Knowledge courses, absorbing the wealth of knowledge it offered and had the privilege of 3 full days of on site tours which included most of the Disney resorts as well as all 6 Disney parks (4 theme parks & 2 water parks), did I really know all that Walt Disney World had to offer it's guests! The information I gained by being a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge has given me the ability to serve my clients in ways I could never have offered them with out the Disney College Knowledge courses.

Finding an agent who is always current on the latest Disney information is key to having the most "Magical Dream Come True" vacation possible. When shopping for your agent, one of the first questions you should ask is "Are you a Disney College of Knowledge" agent?" If they are, then proceed with your inquiries for your family's vacation. The Disney College of Knowledge agent will be on top of the latest news and information and can help you customize your Dream Vacation. Happy Agent Shopping!!

Once you find the Disney College of Knowledge agent for you, your agent will take it from there. He or she will book, plan, and make all the arrangements for you. All you will need to do is arrive at your Disney location, follow the provided itinerary, and ENJOY your Dream Vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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