Thursday, February 11, 2010

WDWTravels and Our Free Services

Planning a Disney vacation on your own can be quite a daunting task. There are so many facets and dimensions to a Disney vacation which makes using WDWTravels the perfect choice! Why wouldn’t you put all of the leg work on your very own personal Disney Travel Consultant?

The best part – it is not only a superior service provided by a knowledgeable Disney expert, but it is FREE! You don’t pay a penny to plan where you will stay, arrange all of your dining reservations, be informed of all special events and best of all, receive any promotions which will decrease the price of your trip.

You can focus on relaxing and anticipating your upcoming vacation. Why burden yourself with all of the details when your Disney Travel Consultant can take that burden away from you?

Let us make all of your advanced dining reservations, so you can eat at all the restaurants you desire. We’ll let you know where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all of the Disney characters! Aside from being a very fun meal, it offers fantastic photo opportunities that will last a lifetime. If you are unable to get the desired reservation of your choice, we will continue to try to secure it for you up until you are in your Disney destination.

We’ll let you know when all of the parades, fireworks, and special events are happening. You’ll want to know what nights Spectomagic, Wishes Fireworks and Illuminations, among all the others are happening. In addition, you will know when Extra Magic hours are occurring in each of the parks to maximize your family’s fun!

Allow us to continuously monitor for discounts that will alter the price of your trip for the better. Disney is constantly offering discounts that benefit the traveler! It’s our job to save you money!

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