Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walt Disney World Resort Amenity Value

There is nothing like staying at a Walt Disney Resort to make your vacation that much more magical. What’s the allure of staying onsite if you hardly plan to be in your room or on the resort property? Why spend the extra money on a beautiful room when all you plan to do is play in the parks?
1. Disney Transportation
Disney transportation is free to guests staying onsite. The first time I ever went to Disney World my family and I stayed off property. The off property site advertised being only 1 mile from the main gate. Plus, they provided FREE transportation to the parks! When we arrive though, we found that Disney property is approximately twice the square miles of Manhattan and Magic Kingdom is about a 20 minute drive from the main gate. Not only that, but that transportation only took you to a hub and then you had to travel to each respective park, almost doubling travel time. Also, the transportation didn’t run all day, and was spotty at best. We were sorely disappointed. Disney runs busses, boats and monorail direct from your Disney resort strait to the gates of each park! The busses run frequently and have long hours and usually you never have to wait more than 15 minutes. This is definitely a reason to stay on property.

2. The Magic
There is nothing like staying on property than enjoying the Disney magic 24/7! This is not a touchable or definable amenity, but more of a feeling. It allows you to extend your stay from the parks into your room. This includes 24 hour park tv in the room and whimsical décor in some resorts. The other more refined Disney resorts place you in the middle of a wonderful theme, like South Pacific Islands or a New England Boardwalk. The thought and detail of your day in the park continues on to your relaxing night.

3. The Pool
Every Disney resort has themed pools, some with wonderful elaborate slides. Even if you plan to be in the park all day, a nighttime swim or early morning pick- me- up has some allure. The magic can continue even if you are only taking it in for an hour in the afternoon before your nap.

4. Food Courts
All Disney resorts have food courts where you can pick up a snack or a full meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food is affordable and delicious! When better to snag yourself a tie dye cheesecake then at your stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Also, don’t forget the refillable mugs you can purchase at any resort and refill at any time of day unlimited. I like to fill up on Gold Peak sweet tea in the morning before heading off to the park and at night after a full day of fun!

Disney resorts are convenient and filled with magic even if you only plan to be there to sleep. Any complete visit to Disney World is not complete unless you fill your days with magic 24/7!

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