Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matching Clothes for Disney Photos

After a visit to Walt Disney World, my best friend asked me, “Why do your Disney pictures look so much better than mine?” My reply was, “Look at our clothing! We match.” At that moment, I created a monster. On her next trip to Walt Disney World, she had a clothing chart for each day of her Disney vacation.
Does this mean you have to wear the same shirt? No! Sometimes it is fun to wear the same shirt but most of the time we wear matching or similar colors. When planning a Disney vacation, I like to think about what we are going to do each day. For example: When we go to Animal Kingdom, I like to wear animal prints or safari colors. When we go to Chef Mickey’s, I like to wear traditional Mickey Mouse colors.

When you begin planning clothing for your Disney vacation, you may want to consider custom Disney clothing. Some create their own Disney style t-shirts and some go as far as having Custom Disney Clothing made for their children and/or themselves. Where do you find custom Disney clothing? Online! Go to Ebay or Etsy and search for Custom Disney Clothing. You will be amazed at the variety offered. You can spend as much money or as little money as you desire. If you are looking for something truly special, you may want to look up Pickalilys.com. Pickalilys offers many styles for girls and boys and the quality is worth every penny.
Believe it or not, there is a benefit to wearing Custom Disney Clothing… ATTENTION! Your child will be noticed by everyone! Characters will even take the time to look at and discuss your child’s clothing. Custom Clothing adds a bit more “Magic” to an already “Magical” vacation.

On your next trip to Walt Disney World, try a little bit of people watching. You will find families wearing matching colors, identical shirts or even identical outfits and custom Disney clothing. Coordinating clothing may seem silly to you now, but when you see your Disney photos, you will be glad you did.

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