Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seeing is Believing

If for one minute you ever lost the Magic of believing you will never again after seeing “Believe”.
This Broadway caliber show will more than knock your socks off. Tinker bell introduces this show with special effects that will leave you wondering just how she does it for days after you return home from your vacation. I have always held a special place for Tink knowing her magic was real, however seeing is believing and you will never doubt again the magic of Tinker Bell. The show kicks off with Dr. Cornelius Green-away focusing on the everyday frustrations of providing for his daughter Sophia, forgetting about the magic that is in everyday life. The show continues with an unforgettable birthday wish from Sophia that will bring the Genie from Aladdin to the stage along with many of your favorite characters not only from today but from childhood memories as well. The show will leave you wanting for more, it is not one to miss. The special effects from set design, lighting and costumes not to mention the phenomenal talent will have you going back to watch the second show, skipping dinner. The only difficult thing about writing a review of this show is not wanting to give up the secrets that await you, every character that appeared came with a gasp of the audience, children and adults alike. The story takes a turn into the unexpected that will not leave a dry eye in house, reminding us that time goes so fast and that every magical memory counts…….you will not leave this show without rediscovering the magic you can find in every step you take on and off the Disney Dream.

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