Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Your Parent’s Epcot Anymore!

The first time I went to Epcot, in April of 1989, I was 8 years old. I don’t remember a lot of things from my first trip… But I do remember a few things from Epcot…Such as Kitchen Cabaret, which we called the veggie, veggie, fruit, fruit show; some lady making candy animals in the Japan pavilion; the squirting water outside of Journey into Imagination; and the fuzz ball guy from Captain EO. Other than that, I remember it being a very long day for not only me and my siblings, but also for my parents who had to listen to us beg to go back to the Magic Kingdom. I remember our parents telling us it was there day to enjoy and we needed to be patient. Back in 1989, there wasn’t too much for a kid to do… We then went back, 21 years later, and I wasn’t sure what to expect… Boy have things changed!

I remember seeing Minnie all dressed up in traditional Asian clothing, and how all the kids pushed and parents pulled, to make sure their child got their picture taken with her. Me and my sister were somehow thrown in the mix. Now, there is a designated area to meet and greet your favorite Fab Five characters at Epcot’s Character Spot, near the Innoventions West exhibit in Future World. In this air conditioned building, which is open from 9am-9pm, you get to take your picture and have autographs signed by Mickey and pals with a normally very short wait time. There are larger than life cut outs behind the photo spots, making each picture a bright, fun memory. Be sure to have your photo pass and cameras ready, along with your autograph books!

Caption for Picture (Here we met Mickey at Epcot’s Character Spot. We had him sign a glow in the dark 9” Vinylmation)

As a kid from the 80s, back in Epcot, I remember coloring in menus and park maps when we would take a break or grab a bite to eat. Now there is a whole new experience for your child to enjoy! Kidcot Fun Spots are craft stations for younger kids to enjoy and “travel the world” with. Located “around the world” in the World Showcase, these spots boast activities such as coloring a Duffy on a stick, to decorating masks, to stamping and creating a take home souvenir! These spots do not cost you anything more than maybe helping with some coloring. And your child is kept busy, entertained, and happy with their take home handmade souvenir! Also, this is a great chance for you and your child to meet some amazing Cast Members for all over the world! Be sure to take the time to talk to them, they LOVE questions about their home.

Hurry!!! Kim Possible needs your help! Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is an ultra-interactive quest at Epcot based on the Disney Channel’s, Kim Possible series. Kids and adults of all ages are welcomed to become secret agents and assist Kim, with help from a Kimmunicator, a cell-phone like device that helps you through your mission, to save the world! Missions can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, and span 7 different World Showcase Pavilions. Each Pavilion holds different missions, so you can go back over and over again. Need some secret mission recharging fuel, AKA, a Mickey ice cream bar? No problem! You can take a break, and your Kimmunicator will pick up right where you left. Recruitment centers are located at Innoventiones: The Road to Tomorrow, on the Odyssey Bridge, and near the International Gateway, as well as locations throughout World Showcase. Be sure to stop by to find out your secret mission, and hurry to help Kim!

There are so many more fun adventures for kids at Epcot, such as meeting Duffy and finding out his story, to many street performers throughout world showcase, to interactive stations at the Innoventions stations. Be sure to take the time to look around every corner, and stop at the interactive stations. Here you can send post cards back home, creating your very own figment of your imagination, at Journey to Imagination, and making a cool video featuring you and your child right inside Spaceship Earth.

Caption for Photo (Here I created Esmerelda, the Figment of my imagination!)

Caption for Photo to left (me, my sister, and fuzz ball,
 all grown up!)

Caption for Photo to right (see, there she is, and there are the candy animals!)

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  1. We went there about 7 years ago with our daughter and her husband, and their kids. It was fun. Glad you enjoyed it!


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