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Top 10 reasons to take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan – Amy Blades WDWTravels
If your family is anything like mine food is an important part of vacation, especially when traveling to any Disney destination. When the Disney dining plan first came about I was leery, a little hesitant. It didn’t take long to catch the dining plan bug and we will never travel without it again. Here are my top 10 reasons you can NOT travel to Walt Disney World without it…….

10 – You get a resort refillable mug you can use throughout your stay at your WDW resort
This is perfect when you are coming and going, the kids love it because they can pick their own drink and take home a souvenir.
9- Try something new…
 You get a chance to try something you wouldn’t ever try….maybe Sushi or Moroccan, how about French…you will never know until you try.

8 – Large assortment
You have so many options to choose from….Every Park and every resort and even Downtown Disney all have choices, this comes in handy with a family, everyone can choose what they like and not be limited.
7 – Snacks are included
Snacks are included in every dining plan option that Disney offers, you can use them at all times of the day, and they are perfect for between meal fillers.
6 – Reservations are easy
When staying on property your dining reservations can be made up to 180 days prior to your trip, this is essential to getting the exact meals and times you want. This is a vacation breaker in my opinion. If you don’t have reservations a head of time plan on eating very late night dinners.
5 – Kids get a choice
I have many favorites to the dining plan, but not having to tell my Children no is one of them. Kid’s menus are healthy and have many options, it fun when kids can enjoy the food on vacation as well as the adults.

4 – Meals are already paid for
With the dining plan you need not worry about the prices once you arrive, your meals will be worry free…order the most expensive thing on the menu with no guilt at all.

3 – Convenience
There is nothing like being on vacation and having whatever you want at your finger tips, that is the case with the dining plan, wherever you are you can get whatever you want…very convenient. If you are someone that likes to just do quick service meals then the dining plan is perfect, you can go at whatever pace you are comfortable. Go from morning till night with quick stops in between or take your time and still enjoy a quick serve but on your time. If you choose a dining plan with sit down options you get to choose your time and how your day will be broke down, it’s  perfect.
2 – Characters are included
My favorite part of the dining plan is that character meals are included, many of my clients would never have the opportunity to have a character meal without doing the dining plan. It definitely saves money and gives the ultimate Disney experience.

1 – Price
There is a real saving when using the Disney dining plan, my family if 5 went to Disney this past May for a full week and I saved my receipts to see the actual savings, it was over $685.00. The plan definitely pays for itself. You can dine in whatever way is most comfortable to you and get the best bang for your buck.
The 2012 dining plan is as follows – The plan is based on the nights you are staying, so if you are staying 3 nights 4 days you would have 6 quick serves and 3 snacks included in your stay.
Quick Serve Option
2 Quick serve meals, 1 snack, and a resort refillable mug
Regular Dining Option
1 Table service including dessert with your meal, 1 quick service, 1 snack and 1 resort refillable mug per person
Deluxe Dining Option
3 meals sit down or quick serve, your meal includes an appetizer as well as dessert, 2 snacks and a resort refillable mug
Whichever plan you choose you can’t go wrong…….
Have fun choosing!!

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