Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney Trip Planning

Ok, so you've decided to take a family vacation to Disney World. Congratulations – you couldn't have made a better decision! You've picked your dates, chosen a resort, and booked your tickets. So now you're totally finished and all that's left to do is pack the sunscreen, right?

Unfortunately, far too many Disney guests believe that this is true. These are the families you see walking aimlessly around the theme parks, not knowing which attractions to see, waiting in never-ending lines, being turned away by the best restaurants, and missing the entertaining shows. These will also be the people emerging from the theme parks exhausted, frustrated, and vowing never to return again. Whenever I see these people – and there are so many of them on every one of my trips – it depresses me because these poor people have missed out on all the wonderful experiences that make Disney World so magical!

On the other hand, there are Disney guests who attempt to over plan their trips. These are the people that buy and read all the Disney books, spend hours browsing Disney's website, and try to micromanage every minute of the trip. Regrettably, there are countless people also doing this, so any tips and advice given through those sources will be used by hundreds of people a day! While some of it is valuable and I do, at times, recommend similar ideas, most of that information will only cause people to have the same end result – frustration.

So, what's the answer? How can you have magical experiences on a Disney trip without all the stress of under or over planning for it?

The answer comes from booking or transferring your vacation to our highly experienced travel agents here at WDWTravels. We have been planning Disney vacations for years and deeply enjoy designing a custom plan for each of our clients. We all visit Disney multiple times a year and have learned the tricks for avoiding crowds, experienced the premier attractions, and dined at the most scrumptious restaurants. All in all, we have experienced the greatest magical sides of Disney and enjoy sharing that with our clients. Each itinerary that I customize is meticulously designed especially for the group visiting Disney World; no two itineraries are ever the same because no two families have the same priorities. I started building itineraries because I enjoyed doing it so much for my own family and friends. Creating an individual itinerary and then hearing about the family’s trip when they return, increases my own fondness for Disney World and my longing to return again as soon as possible. I am spreading the magic of Disney to the family and they, in turn, return the sentiment to me. Best of all, our itineraries are just one of the many FREE services that WDWTravels offers when booking or transferring your reservation to us!

When beginning an itinerary, there are a lot of factors to consider. How many days should you devote to each theme park? Which days should you go to which theme park – believe me, this will make a MAJOR difference in crowd levels! Which attractions should you start with each day – again, your choices make a big difference! My family and I use all the information included in my itinerary and we never wait longer than 30 minutes for any attraction, at any time of the year. Overall, what's the best way to maximize the Disney fun, while minimizing the wait times – we will show you how and for FREE!

There is no one unanimous answer that works for all families – a lot of tour books claim that there's one solution that everyone can use. As a result, WDWTravel agents create PERSONALIZED guides for each of their clients. This is based on the families' individual needs. Is this their first trip or their hundredth? Do they prefer thrill rides or live stage shows? Are seeing the princesses a #1 priority, or is a meeting with Mickey Mouse a requirement? Is a sit-down meal the best way to take a break each day, or is a swim back at their Disney resort the most relaxing choice? These are just some of the questions that we ask in order to provide the most detailed itineraries possible. Once again, no two family's finished guide is ever identical because no two families are the same! As a result, our clients tend to have a much more magical experience at Disney World because they are not as frustrated as other tourists. Additionally, they are more likely to become regular Disney visitors because they will have embraced the magic of the destination just like us!

Overall, you are spending a lot of time and money to visit a place that has been called “The Happiest Place on Earth.” So, why wouldn't you want to experience exactly that? Each family has their own expectations when traveling to Disney and every family member has his or her own priorities. Merging all of those dreams together could be a nightmare for a family to plan. By using our free planning services, your Disney dreams have an enhanced chance of coming true. With a touch of pixie dust from our free travel planning services, no Disney dream is EVER too big!

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