Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where Did My Love of Walt Disney World Begin?

Where did my love of Disney World begin? I’d love to tell you that my parents took me to Walt Disney World every year but that wouldn’t be true. My parents did not like theme parks so we never went as a family. In fact, our family vacations consisted of long drives which generally ended with us visiting relatives. I might add that these long drives did not include DVD entertainment centers, Ipods, or even Gameboys! In fact, I don’t even recall wearing a seat belt! My kids think I grew up in the dark ages because we actually looked out the windows!
So where did my love of Disney World begin? I know exactly when… In 1985, I was fortunate enough to go to Walt Disney World with the high school band! Thus began my love for all things Disney! The band had the privilege of marching through the streets of the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot were so far away from my life in Paris, Texas. I was amazed by the wonder and magic of the greatest place on Earth!
Now I’m fortunate to arrange trips for groups of students who get to discover the wonder of Disney on trips just like mine! In fact, a local high school band will be going to Walt Disney World in April. For many of these students it will be their first time to discover the magic!
Disney has so much more to offer youth groups today! There are opportunities to Perform, Play, Celebrate and Learn. Given the right environment and the right opportunity, young people can reach some pretty amazing heights. Disney believes accomplishment should be encouraged and rewarded. And that's exactly what Disney Youth Group Programs are all about — offering youth groups unique opportunities to come together at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Below are some of the opportunities available:
Disney Magic Music Days
Take center stage in the middle of the magic! Disney offers school bands, choirs, orchestras, dance ensembles, drill teams as well as community performance groups year-round performance opportunities throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. .

Festival Disney
This high-energy music festival offers your students an outstanding competitive and educational experience, right in the middle of the magic.

Disney Performing Arts Workshops
When you practice and learn with Disney, almost anything is possible. Enrich the value of your performing group's visit with a hands-on experience run by a professional Disney clinician.

Disney STEP Classic
Disney STEP Classic hosts collegiate fraternities and sororities, as well as high school step teams for bragging rights and awards.

Disney Jazz Celebration
Walt Disney World® is proud to announce the premier of Disney Jazz Celebration, where vocal and instrumental jazz ensembles are immersed in a rich learning environment.

Disney Theme Park Adventures
Discover the ultimate student destination where your groups' dreams come true! The Walt Disney World® Resort provides a magical experience for students of all ages.

Disney Grad Nite
This exclusive Disney's Hollywood Studios™ event features top-name musical performers, celebrities, a special fireworks tribute, dancing and more!

Night Of Joy
With performances by the biggest names in Christian music, exclusive use of Theme Park attractions, and special times with friends, this is the can't miss event of fellowship and fun

Disney Youth Education Series
Transport your students to Disney Theme Parks where they will learn how principles they're learning in the classroom make exciting things happen every day at the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Disney Homeschool Days
Exciting programs that are sure to enhance your homeschool curriculum await you at the Walt Disney World® Resort.Your students get to experience travel with their friends

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