Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Magic of Magical Express

There are many ideas that comes to one's mind when they hear the words Magical Express...visions of Tinkerbell sprinkling pixie dust over the airport and magically you will appear right in to the Magic Kingdom Park. Funny you might say right? Well let us explore what really makes the Magic and the Express in Magical Express. First, no Tinkerbell does not sprinkle you at the airport and you will not magically appear in front of the castle, but what will happens involves a little Hakuna Matada..yes that's right, no worries. Disney takes care of getting you from the Orlando Airport to your hotel without you having to worry about as much as your luggage. Free roundtrip airport transportation & luggage delivery for Disney Resort Guests, that's Magical!

What do you need to do you may wonder? First prior to your trip Disney will send you a Magical Express Airport transportation booklet, inside it will be tags for you to apply to your luggage if you are arriving in Orlando prior to 10pm, remember to place these tags on all checked bags, they don't want to miss there own magical voyage from the airport to your room! You will also receive your Magical Express tickets in that packet. Once you arrive at the Orlando Airport you will make your way to Disney Airport Welcome Center (fret not, you will have instructions in your transportation booklet, should you still be worried, just look for cast members with big Mickey gloves..they'll be hard to miss!) Here you will present your tickets to the cast member, you will then proceed to your resort waiting area for your magical express coach to arrive. Once on the Magical Express motorcoach Mickey and friends will greet you on televisions for guests to enjoy, and in approximately 30 minutes you will be on Disney property. You may be sharing your motorcoach with several different resorts, so depending on stops your time may be longer to reach your resort check in. Once there you will check in to your room and later your bags will magically appear. I highly recommend carrying essentials you might want or need right away as your luggage takes it own journey separate from your motorcoach, so you will not be able to access anything in your luggage right away. Enjoy a park, have a meal, explore your resort, whatever you like, but don't worry about your luggage, it will be back in your room waiting later! That's the magic in it all!

Now you are in Disney, you have your luggage and a magical vacation ahead of you, enjoy it. One day prior to your departure you will magically receive a notification for you motorcoach pick-up time, select airlines even allow you to check in at your Disney Resort prior to arriving at the that is some magic! Remember when planning your return flight, your magical express pick-up will be approximately 3 hours prior to your departure time, so think of that when making your return flight reservations, or if you are planning on getting in some last minute vacation time, you need to leave the parks in plenty of time to get back to your resort for your pick-up. There a motorcoach will be waiting to return you to the Orlando Airport where you will board your plane with lots of wonderful memories, luggage that is probably a little more full than when you left, and a love of the true Disney Magic when you remember the smiles, laughs and fun that you and your family and/or friends just experienced!

So that is Magical Express in a a Chip and Dale nutshell! Although there is no flying the skies with Tinkerbell, it is all Hakuna Matada from the time you arrive in Orlando until the time you depart and begin planning your next trip on that flight home...and you know you will!

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