Saturday, February 2, 2013

Is a Disney Cruise Worth the Extra Cost?? YES!!!!

You are thinking of going on a cruise, you LOVE Disney so the obvious choice would be a Disney cruise.  Then you start getting quotes and see the price difference from the competing cruise lines and wonder "why is a Disney cruise more expensive"?  I thought the same thing.  After growing up cruising and even cruising as an adult, I never went on a Disney cruise because of the cost.  Was a Disney cruise really worth the extra price?  Well I never knew, until recently.  Now with 2 Disney cruises under my belt (and a 3rd one on the way) I can now say without a doubt it is definitely worth the higher fare!

As I mentioned, I am a seasoned cruiser so I have somewhat high expectations when it comes to service and cleanliness, but I never really knew how high until I experienced a Disney cruise and then shortly after sailed on a competitior.  After sailing on Disney I saw just how wonderful the ships are kept up, how exceptional the service is and the plethora of onboard activities for all ages.  The ship is kept in excellent condition by continuous cleaning throughout.  The hull and extereior are meticulously cleaned and painted, keeping the ship looking new.  Service is second to none; the wait staff is at your beck and call ready to answer any request you may have, that goes along with the guest relations stff, the cruise staff, all the way up to the senior officers.  They are truly there to make every one of your wishes come true.  When you are walking around the ship and pass a cast member you will ALWAYS get a greeting with a smile.  I cannot say that on the other ships.  Disney has the best entertainment onboard, from their fabulous Broadway style shows (and I have been to many Broadway shows) to the guest entertainers; there is something for everyone and every age.  You also never know who you are going to bump in to.  You could share an elevator with Chip 'n Dale or dance alongside Mickey himself.  The characters are all over the ship and you have the many opportunities for autographes and or pictures.  The ships are smaller so you really get the feel you are with family.  We found that out just last week when we sailed for the second time on the same ship and cast members remembered us and welcomed us back enthusiastically.

The special attention the youth staff gives each and every child is truly amazing.  Disney does have the best kids program at sea and no one can touch them.  Where else can children Do-Si-Do with Snow White or attend Boot Camp with the Army Men from Toy Story?  From 9 in the morning until the late hours of the night (morning) children have supervised activities available to them.  This allow adults to have time together to enjoy a nice brunch at Palos, attend one of the live art auctions, or even to relax in the adult only pool or spa.

From the moment you sail away the party starts.  The sail away party is just the first of many parties that go on during your cruise.  Along with family karaoke, and themed dance parties (such as High School Musical and Hannah Montana) the ship gets invaded by The Pirates in the Caribbean.  The invasion starts with dinner and continues up on the pool deck.  Then it culminates with a special at sea fireworks spectacular, which Disney is the only cruise line allowed to shoot fireworks off at sea!

Disney has their own privately owned island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay (pronounced Key).  The best thing about the island is the ship docks right at the pier, there is no tendering in.  You can come and go as you wish throughout the day.  The island has many activities to enjoy from renting a boat or a bike, to taking a fishing charter.  You can also loundge around one of the many beaches after enjoying a scrumptious lunch buffet on the beach.  There are extenesive renovations being done to the island to make it ever more enjoyable.  Completion of all of the projects is scheduled for this summer, although some are already done and ready for your enjoyment.

Accommodations are some of the best in the cruise industry.  Disney is known for its larger family friendly staterooms; most with the split bathroom design and all with a bathtub.  Disney also offers concierge suites for those that want the extra space and added service.

Disney goes above and beyone to keep themselves leaders in the cruise industry.  They spare no expense to give you the best Disney has to offer at sea.  Before, I did not see myself going on a Disney cruise because of the price, now I cannot see myself sailing on any other line.  Disney is frequently changing itineraries and offering special deals.  Contact us at to find out the latest destinations and latest discounts being offered.  Anchors Aweigh!

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