Saturday, June 26, 2010

Disney's World of Color

I am so excited to share with you some exciting details about Disney's...

...the newest show to premier at Disney's California Adventure Park in California.

As a Special Guest, I was invited to view the show at the World Premier along with Disney celebrities and movie and television personalities.

From the official program I received on June 10th, I've detailed

World of Color - By the Numbers

26 – Minutes of length for the show
15 – Months to transform Paradise Bay
Almost 1,200 – Powerful and programmable fountains
Nearly 1 – Acre of engineered superstucture rises out of Paradise Bay
6 – Number of dome projection screens
120 yards – Length of Paradise Bay stage (longer than a football field!)
30 ft. to 200 ft. – Range of Fountain heights (Mickey's Fun Wheel is 150 ft. tall)
18,000 – Points of control on the underwater grid
50 ft. HIGH, 380 ft. wide, 19,000 sq. ft. in all – Size of one of the world's largest projected WATER SCREENS
79,241 – Approximate number of musical notes during the show
200+ – Musicians and vocalists who perform the music for the show
36 – Firing cannons of varying sizes
12 – Cannons mounted on swivels 50 – Animators from Disney and Pixar who created the elements of the show
9-24-1961 – The date Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color first aired on TV
100,000+ – Images are featured in World of Color ~ Can you see Dory?
8 – Decades of Classic Disney music and songs included in the show
28 – High-Definition projectors, 14 of them are submersible
5 – Months it took to program the show
6 – Techinal Directors it takes to run the show


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